How To Train Your Crackhead

This video was posted by Slapnuts from the GameRiot Community. I had tears coming out of my eyes and after a few minutes I really felt bad for the guy. What about the song? Is epic and fits...

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What Did The Cat See?

What unspeakable horrors did the cat...

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Tom Cruise Leads World Of Warcraft’s Warrior Focus Group

Thank you so much for this link Bodi! This explains so...

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Global Agenda Keeps Targeting Elves: In Line Trailer

I have mentioned Global Agenda more than once and the game has really grab my attention. The weekend sale made my decision a lot more easier. If I continue to enjoy the game I will make a mini section (like I have with Kalibre at The Movies and  The World of Warcraft Blog) to post all my rants and cool stuff about the game. So...

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Epic Beard Man

This is just crazy! The Epic Beard Man has been born. If you have Facebook, don’t forget to join his fan...

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