Skyrim And How Dragonborn Are Made

  The tale of the Dragonborn is not a pretty one. Their existence is a mystery to some. In this video you will find more about them. Please be warned, the videos contain very strong language. The first one is a look into their ancestry. The two other videos tell their stories in an explicit manner. I thought the video...

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Homer Simpson’s Death

Today is a sad day. Homer Simpson, loving father and husband suffered a brutal death. The authorities are looking for the culprit in this video. Watch the video after the jump and answer this question: Do you know this...

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Warcraft Rage: Boyfriend Destroys Computer

The title is self explanatory. This guys’ girlfriend decided to delete all his character in the game called World of Warcraft. You need to see the...

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Modern Warfare 2: Coolest Suicide Ever

Since the first knife video I posted, I have not seen something as cool as this. I can imaging him: “Yea baby, KILL HIM” “F***! NO!!!” Check out the...

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Trololo Sensation!

Ok, the first time I saw this video, I simply could not find it funny. My wife was laughing hysterically. Now, after watching the second video, I find really funny the “Trololo Cat”. The guy creeps me out a...

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