Age Of Conan Brings More PvP Options

I stopped playing Age Of Conan simply because I can’t find a group of people to enjoy the game. However, it is one of my favorites MMO ever. The graphics, combat and lore are simply amazing. The game suffered from one of the worst launches ever (it seems Funcom enjoys doing this kind of thing, remember Anarchy Online?) but it...

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New Secret World Footage

More secret videos from the Secret...

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Age Of Conan Unlimited Trial

Do you want to play Age of Conan for free? Try all different classes? Well, now you can. This is a limited time offer: Get ready for the most savage, sexy and brutal MMO ever created! This trial allows you to play all of the content on Tortage Island – for as long as you want at no cost whatsoever. Please note...

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Anarchy Online: New Engine Video

Who remembers Anarchy Online? It was another Funcom massive launch failure but they managed to turn it around, making it one of my favorite science fiction games.  Fast forward eight years and you have a very solid free to play game.   The graphics are heavily outdated and very soon AO will receive a graphic...

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Lobah: A Slave Girl In Age Of Conan

Oct 01, 09 Lobah: A Slave Girl In Age Of Conan

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Let’s talk about a buggy, unresponsive, resource hogger, broken game at release and one of my favorites: Age of Conan.  There are other games that have a place in my heart but Conan has the beauty to match it’s ruthlessness; no other game can beat AoC’s combat period. This is not a review or a preview, it is a...

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