The Secret World Accepting Beta Testers

The official website for Funcom’s new game, The Secret World is finally letting players opt in for their beta. When this game was first announced, it used an unlikely method to adverse an MMORPG. I even posted a video about it. Now is finally time for players to select their faction and “hope” that they are...

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DreamWorld: New Render Engine For Age of Conan

Mar 23, 11 DreamWorld: New Render Engine For Age of Conan

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I have said it before and I will say it again: Age of Conan is a great game. It’s very sad that this is not the first time Funcom butchers the launch of a game. History shows that this studio likes to fail at launches only to come back and fix their games in a glorious way. Anarchy Online, one of the best Science Fiction games...

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Age of Conan Releases New Rise Of The Godslayer Trailers

Once again Age of Conan appears on Kalibre Online. Even though I stopped playing AoC, sometimes I feel the need to make its own Featured Blog. I think there are around 9 posts without counting this one. Anyway, back to topic. The new expansion is set to release on May 11, 2010. I love the trailer, AoC is the best looking MMO out...

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Age Of Conan: Interview with Craig Morrison

You guys know I have a very special love for Age of Conan. The lore, graphics, and combat system are just a few of the things I enjoy about the game. It’s true that I no longer play because I have very little time and I don’t enjoy leveling by myself too much. I do however, try to keep up with all the news...

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More Age of Conan Videos

The more I read about Age of Conan, the more I keep bothering my friends about it. The combat is just amazing! Why can’t I have that combat in other MMOs? Developers please, add more depth to the combat in MMOs. I want to play AoC again but I don’t want to play by myself. Here are a couple more videos for those that are...

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