Best Free To Play Game: Team Fortress 2

Sep 07, 11 Best Free To Play Game: Team Fortress 2

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Yes, the Best Free To Play Game is not an MMORPG. The Best F2P Game is a Class Team Based First Person Shooter. This was not always the case. Team Fortress 2 was the subject of many, many delays and changes. Some people might hate Valve for that. I am not one of them. I remember playing Team Fortress when it was just a Quake Mod....

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Call of Duty Black Ops Trailer

In response to Medal of Honor, Black Ops is set to destroy the once mighty franchise. It will be very interesting to find out if players from Modern Warfare 2 will dig this game. I bought the first two (the first one for the Xbox 360 and the PC) but I will pass this one. Looks amazing...

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