Female Gamers: Interview with Millies

I was lucky enough to have a chat with millies, the XFX participant, model and avid WoW Gamer. Some questions might not make sense because I was trying to make reference to some of the other WOM female bloggers.   For those that don’t know you, who is millies? Millies is Kate Heffernan, 21. Originally from Seattle, grew...

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The Art Of Cosplay

Nov 04, 09 The Art Of Cosplay

Posted by in Anime, Entertainment, Gaming

I wrote a small blog called “Weird Games and Sexy Female Gamers” around three weeks ago and my plan is to continue the series but this time I want to include only Cosplay images.  In case you were wondering, Cosplay means “costume roleplay”and people dress up just like Halloween.   Anime and manga are top...

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