2009 Fallen Earth Halloween Costume Contest Winners

The second annual Halloween Costume Contest Winners, hosted by Fallen Earth, have been chosen: List of winners Most Original Setting: Sinoth Most Accurate Game Costume: blackenedlegions Best Inside Joke on Scavenging: spookdi Honorable Mentions: faust, Schipperke, Beorend, jac428   Visit FE website for a complete...

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Fallen Earth Impressions

I blogged about Fallen Earth in the past but Gamebynight posted a series of articles regarding the game. “A lot of story get shared with you and it’s not done passively, like we usually see in traditional quest text. Everything in this tutorial is fully voiced, which is great, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a...

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Apocalypse is NoW!

Sep 17, 09 Apocalypse is NoW!

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The list of non fantasy MMOs is increasing slowly but steady, bringing new options to hardcore and newcomers alike.  In a nutshell Fallen Earth is a post-apocalyptic MMO; the game features a classless system that incorporates a unique crafting system, six factions and an unique combat perspective. For those that love Mad Max,...

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