Appreciating The New Tools In The MMO Genre

  The search of the next great MMO. What a search! Please notice that I used the word “great” and not “best”. I go through this every single time. Once again I was reminded about the little things that World of Warcraft does right for me. Yes, I am tired of the fantasy setting but it fits my casual...

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Everquest 2 Goes Free To Play: Meet Everquest 2 Extended

A few months ago, the senior producer of Everquest 2 announced that the game would never become Free to Play. Guess what? It just did. Way to look like a douche. Meet Everquest 2 Extended; this “new game” is trying to compete with others F2P games like Dungeons and Dragons Online. and Lords of the Rings, in order words...

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Everquest II Passport: Because Sony Does Not Care If You Play Other Games

Apr 23, 10 Everquest II Passport: Because Sony Does Not Care If You Play Other Games

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Game fatigue, this is something a lot of gamers feel from time to time. I guess we could call this Gamer Depression, whatever I am not a doctor. It’s a time when we get to go out and experience life again. You know, get back in touch we those we left behind in the real world. In my case? Easy, go and have a baby. Well, the...

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Everquest 2: Battlegrounds PVP System Coming Soon

Something that Warhammer Online did right: World PvP and Battlegrounds.  I loved how it was incorporated, the World PvP was a bit flawed but it was entertaining.  Everquest 2 will join the list of games with a Battleground PvP system and that is great news.  This system will be included across all servers for...

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