World of Warcraft: Woundman 5 – Dance is Back!

Rogue lovers and Woundman’s fans rejoice,  the rogue hero (member of Team EG, winners of the ESL finals) released his fifth movie. I just finished it watching it (while trying to get my baby back to sleep) and is really good. What’s behind the black bars though? Anyway, even my daughter liked the movie. She had her...

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World Of Warcraft ESL VoDs

If you missed the ESL tournament, be sure to check out the ESL VoDs.

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Congratulations to Team EG (Azael, Woundman and Tenderloin) for winning the ESL finals! The tournament was attacked by a DDoS attack and was delayed. It took a while to get things going but it was well worth it. “Since yesterday, we have been under attack by a malicious bot net. More than 1,000 IPs constantly flooded our data...

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