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Noted international scholars bilingue and bizarroAndres have done viagra 100mg a masterful job forcing the finer points of gaming, technology and cinema down your collective gullets. how to buy cialis And while their delicate prose has bestowed untold amounts of wisdom onto you (at no charge, mind you), some of the more astute...

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Ninja Warrior + Modeling = America’s Next Top Model

I like Ninja Warrior and I don’t get to see it as often as I would like. What else do I like? Models. Combine the two and you have the new and improved America’s Next Top Model. The winner will be pitted against the mighty New York from...

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Twlight Saga: New Moon Madness

New Moon is not Oscar worthy but the movie appealed to a great deal of people.  Andres Zambrano was kind enough to  send me the pictures you are about to see.   This is a Regal theater located in the south of Florida.  According to Andres the midnight was a success.  I hope everybody enjoyed the movie and for the fans, keep...

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