Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight Part 2

Jul 03, 12 Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight Part 2

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The wait is finally over. Thousand Pounds Action Company has released the second part of their Naruto fan film project.  Lucky for you, they have put Part 1 and 2 in one video.  Enjoy this video, made by fans for the fans. Hollywood, PLEASE, get the right people for the right job. Be sure to check out their upcoming webseries:...

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Battlefield 3 The Controller Episode 2

Oct 29, 11 Battlefield 3 The Controller Episode 2

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  The second episode of the Controller was released and I liked most of it. No fast eliminations and one team was banned from the money round based on a physical challenge. Not bad! However, the beginning of the show looked incredibly fake. I just rolled my eyes.  I  would prefer if the physical challenge was based on...

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Meet The Avengers: A Superhero Club

Yes, I am late on posting this. I blame Comcast! I just saw this trailer and man it looks good. Edward Norton is not portraying his Hulk character and that sucks because his version of Banner was my favorite. That does not take away that Mark Ruffalo might be a blessing in disguise. He is a great actor and I will be giving him the...

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Radiohead At The Occupy Wall Street Movement?

Sep 30, 11 Radiohead At The Occupy Wall Street Movement?

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This just in: Rumor has it Radiohead is supposed to play later today at the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Around 4:00 PM. KalibreOnline will keep you posted on the news. Well, not really. We can’t afford it.    Occupy Wall Street is an ongoing demonstration opposing what participants view as negative corporate...

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Sucker Punch Trailer

It has been a while since I made a post about a movie. Let me introduce you to Sucker Punch, a film directed by Zach Snyder.  For your enjoyment I have embeded the first two official trailers. Music by the Sylversun Pickups. (Thanks for the info...

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