I Love The Way You Lie

Wade is still in the Lollapalooza festival and hopefully we will hear from him very soon. In the meantime enjoy another Eminem...

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Wade, Where Are You?

Where in the world is Wade_County? I know many of you are feeling lost with the lack of updates in his music column. Hey, I will not take his place but to appease your hunger I offer you this video:     In these dark moments; where are you...

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Top Songs In America – Week ending June 12th, 2010

Jun 09, 10 Top Songs In America – Week ending June 12th, 2010

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Currently these are the three top, and therefore, best songs in America. At least as far as the record labels are concerned. Don’t like it? Buy better music. Anyway, on to this week’s finest musical achievements: 1. Usher & will.i.am – OMG OMG indeed. This is the third single off of Usher’s comically...

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