Top Songs In America – Week ending June 12th, 2010

Jun 09, 10 Top Songs In America – Week ending June 12th, 2010

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Currently these are the three top, and therefore, best songs in America. At least as far as the record labels are concerned. Don’t like it? Buy better music. Anyway, on to this week’s finest musical achievements: 1. Usher & – OMG OMG indeed. This is the third single off of Usher’s comically...

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Kanye West Swings For The Fences

You probably haven’t stunned the nation by not letting a beloved pop princess finish recently, but you can probably relate. You witness an egregious injustice, in front of millions no less. Isn’t anyone going to say something? Your penchant for grandiose public displays and lack of any sort of social filter cause you to...

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The Roots/Dirty Projectors Collabo

The Roots are a marvel. If not for their dynamic live shows and versatile musical chops, then at least for their legendary stamina and time management. The way they’ve managed to tour the globe, craft a pair of new albums (a new full-length and a collection of covers), and be the full-time house band for Jimmy fucking Fallon...

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Welcome To Echolocation

Noted international scholars bilingue and bizarroAndres have done viagra 100mg a masterful job forcing the finer points of gaming, technology and cinema down your collective gullets. how to buy cialis And while their delicate prose has bestowed untold amounts of wisdom onto you (at no charge, mind you), some of the more astute...

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