Ray-Ban Vision

The miners of the Copiapó gold and copper mine in Chile suffered a harsh, harrowing, and very well documented plight that captured the attention of the planet in a way few events this decade have. A global, collective sigh of relief was let out once the last of the thirty three men emerged, safe and sound, from their gold encrusted...

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It's Alive!! Kanye and Jay make a "Monster"!

Fact: Mary Shelly and Kanye West have more in common than you think. Fact: Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver) rolled a blunt with Rick Ross while recording cheap cialis 20mg with Kanye West in Hawaii. Fact: The aforementioned Boss, and self proclaimed “fat motherfucker”, seems to be comfortable bearing many resemblances to The...

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I Love The Way You Lie

Wade is still in the Lollapalooza festival and hopefully we will hear from him very soon. In the meantime enjoy another Eminem...

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Wade, Where Are You?

Where in the world is Wade_County? I know many of you are feeling lost with the lack of updates in his music column. Hey, I will not take his place but to appease your hunger I offer you this video:     In these dark moments; where are you...

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What Thom Yorke Bumps In The Whip

Thom Yorke is a viagra 100mg talented musician. He fronts a pretty popular band. They’re called Radiohead. They’re from the UK, and they’re rather good. Mr. Yorke and his bandmates have spent the better part of the last two decades crafting gorgeous compositions that have earned them worldwide critical acclaim, the...

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