NBA Elite 11: Debut Vision Developer Diary

NBA Elite is the reboot of the NBA Live series. Elite ’11 will introduce new changes to the actual gameplay. Less RNG (Random Number Generator) and a bit more skill. We’ll see how this translates in a multiplayer game. I gotta admit it looks very promising. NBA ELITE 11, the next evolution in the NBA LIVE series, will...

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More HOT Beta Invites: Need For Speed World

Today is BETA day. The new upcoming Need For Speed World will open its servers for the beta test on June 28. This is not the first automobile MMO but it sure is the prettiest. This is exciting and scary at the same time. Let’s imagine for a second the game plays perfect with a mouse and a keyboard. Will this game support other...

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EA Sports MMA Trailer

I am not a violent person but I love these games. This game will bring a lot of RL drama...

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