Toy Story X: Woody’s Got Wood

Oct 04, 11 Toy Story X: Woody’s Got Wood

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Prepare to be horrified as your childhood hero becomes a sexual deviant. It seems Woody has been hanging out too much with Pedobear. Which surprisingly made an appearance in a Polish newspaper. This is all I could save from the gallery, which had a lot of pictures. There were too many images that I felt could not be posted here....

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Remembering Marvel Universe Online

It seems like I have been in the Super-Hero/Super-Villain mood lately. To be honest, while playing DC Universe Online I was thinking on creating my own Nemesis and give it an RP swirl. I should mention Champions Online has a Nemesis feature but that’s another blog altogether. Back to topic, Marvel Universe Online. What happen...

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Toy Story 3 Trailer

You should see this on 3D where available....

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