Blizzard Presents Mists of Pandaria, The New World Of Warcraft Expansion

This is a bit late I know. I was about to not post anything because all blogs out there are writing about it. However, my surprise can’t be contained. More on that later. Like the Headline implies, Blizzard finally announced Mists of Pandaria as the new expansion for their World of Warcraft MMO. Yes, Pandaria as in...

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Diablo 3 Co-Op Beta Footage

Sep 20, 11 Diablo 3 Co-Op Beta Footage

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It is dark outside. It’s dark inside my room as well. The light that’s coming out of the monitor reflect the tears that go down my face. Trembling, I click the wrong keys while trying to type this little pathetic note. That was incredibly dramatic. But really! And why you may ask I am rambling in such a tragic way? Well,...

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Diablo 3: Beta Leaked Video and Screens

Sep 06, 11 Diablo 3: Beta Leaked Video and Screens

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A very short video was leaked showing the character creation screen. There was also a couple of screens released showing a character questing. There should be no surprise and I am sure more videos will be released soon by players on the Beta. If you want to be part of the Diablo 3 beta, remember to OPT in in your Battlenet account....

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Diablo 3: PvP Arena Video


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