KalibreOnline Joins TGN!

Jan 24, 12 KalibreOnline Joins TGN!

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  This announcement is a few weeks late.  After a nice Skype mini-meeting with George Vanous (CEO) of TGN, KalibreOnline was able to get a Youtube Partnership through them. Due to how Youtube handle accounts that are attached to an adsense, the official KalibreOnline YT Channel was put in a queue. In the meantime I will be...

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Blockbuster vs Netflix: Blockbuster To Add Games By Mail

It seems Blockbuster will include games to their online rental service. This will compete with Gamefly and that is music to my ears. My personal experience with Gamefly has been horrible. I have been a customer of both Blockbuster Online and Netflix. How will Netflix fight this new war? Check out Blockbuster’s FAQ: Q: What is...

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Assassin’s Creed 2: The Assassination of Emilio Barbario

Oct 13, 09 Assassin’s Creed 2: The Assassination of Emilio Barbario

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I received a link to see an Assassin’s Creed 2 video featuring combat and an assassination attempt. When the first AC came out, the game became one of my favorite single player games (too bad there was no multi-player mode), and after playing the game for a couple of days it was clear it suffered from a very repetitive...

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Resonance of Fate By SEGA

Oct 02, 09 Resonance of Fate By SEGA

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I was interrupted early this morning by a friend that was literally screaming at me via MSN: “DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU NEED TO SEE THIS” – FRIEND “Ok! What’s up?” – me   “I KNOW YOU BARELY PLAY CONSOLES BUT YOU GOTTA SEE THIS” – FRIEND “Sure thing, what’s...

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The art of playing a movie: Heavy Rain

News about Heavy Rain are not exactly new, there is a lot of hype concerning the game because of its unusual gameplay, and cinematic feel.  Kotaku translated an interview with Duth magazine in 2008:   “Heavy Rain is about normal people that have landed in extraordinary situations. I wanted a much more personal story. The...

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