Eve Online: Causality

I have posted various entries about Eve Online. This game is a true sandbox that mimics some aspects of real life. Friendship for example, is one of those things that other MMOs mimic as well. Now, how many games you know that a revenge well planned can change the whole game? Eve Online is a very impressive game. The game is not...

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Eve Online: Enter Dominion

MMORPG has posted an interesting Eve Online report, it explains the new changes in Dominion, among other things. For as long as I’ve been playing EVE, it has always had an In-game Browser, but one that was barely functional. This is no longer the case, and while this new version is still missing Flash functionality, it does...

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The greatest heist in gaming!

I have posted a couple of things about Eve because the game does not cease to amaze me. While some people might not agree, Eve Online offers a very unique way of playing your “space persona”. The game offers no classes or levels and instead you are presented with a unique real time “skill system queue”. The...

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EVE Online console MMO: DUST 514

Aug 21, 09 EVE Online console MMO: DUST 514

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Dust 514 is a console-based hybrid MMO-FPS set within the EVE universe. The game features an FPS and RTS gameplay that will interact with Eve Online. It will give a chance to console gamers to become a part of the Eve Universe. To quote CCP :“The primary gameplay of DUST 514 features brutal ground combat that takes place on...

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