Blade & Soul: Closed Beta Videos

Sep 22, 11 Blade & Soul: Closed Beta Videos

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I have blogged a bit about Blade & Soul. Correction, I have posted a lot of videos about Blade & Soul. To keep the tradition strong I have more Blade & Soul Closed Beta Videos. Awesome right? The first video shows flying in the game. By looking at the animation and hearing the background music, it truly feels like an...

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New Blade & Soul Footage: Just Breathtaking

NCSoft released a new video featuring some gameplay elements of their new upcoming MMO called: Blade & Soul.  The movie is 11 minutes long and is just breathtaking.  Gorgeous visuals with stunning combat for an MMO game.  I would like to see more of AoC’s combat in other MMOs but B&S takes it to another level....

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