Bayonetta: Game Demo Available For The Xbox 360

I got a chance to play the game and wow, I loved the demo.  If I see a girl like Bayonetta coming towards me, moving her hips side to side with a devilish look on her eyes, I am running away like a schoolgirl.  Guns for heels? Freaky “Sadoko” hair that moves at will? No thank you.  Check out the Demo on the 360 and...

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Bayonetta: Palin’s Sexier Sister

Oct 11, 09 Bayonetta: Palin’s Sexier Sister

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I know, it was a bad joke,  is more Dante’s sister in any case.  The only thing Bayonetta and Dante share in common is Hideki Kamiya, the creator of Okami and Devil May Cry.  Kamiya is directing Bayonetta and the gameplay connection between the two games is a bit obvious.  Like Dante, the heroine confronts horde of demons...

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