Avatar Technology

I can’t believe I’ve never posted this video. While the plot was very basic (Cowboys and Indians) I loved the 3D effects of Avatar.  You all probably saw this video already but maybe someone might find it new. If only 1 person finds it new I will be more than happy. This extra video is for those that wanted a...

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Forget 3D, Avatar Goes 4D

You are reading right, Avatar 4D is the new thing going on with this blockbuster beast. Korea has tackled the fourth dimension by engaging all five senses. Inside one of those auditoriums you will find: moving seats, water sprinkling around, wind breeze, certain smells and additional visual aids like lights and lasers. Granted, this...

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J. Cameron’s Avatar Review

EnglishGentleman wrote an Avatar review in his blog that I would like to share over here. “In Avatar we follow the story of ex-marine Jake Sully, wheelchair bound because of injuries suffered while in the line of duty. The movie opens and we learn that Jake’s scientist twin brother has passed away, and because he...

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