Final Fantasy And Final Fantasy II For Iphone

SquareEnix will release Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II on the iphone and itouch. This are some great news and I hope is only a matter of time before they announce their Android version. If you own an Android device, don’t worry  I feel your pain as well. There will be an Android release, right...

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Iphone 4: New Design?

I may be a happy Droid user but damn that design is sweet. There’s a rumor going on about a possible April release in Korea. “Apple has always eschewed removable batteries in its iPhones, and recently has done the same with laptops, as well. It would normally seem unlikely they would make this move, because of that,...

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New Iphone Rumor: The Iphone 4G

Dec 23, 09 New Iphone Rumor: The Iphone 4G

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A Chinese wholesaler has “leaked” images and a part listing for the new “rumored” Iphone 4G. This is very unlikely but this is the same company that leaked the parts of the new 3GS. Android cellphones are gaining ground on the Iphone’s territory and this could be one of the reasons Apple could be...

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