iPhone 4 – Coming Soon!

Jun 08, 10 iPhone 4 – Coming Soon!

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It’s almost here. As expected, Steve Jobs unveiled the next iPhone (just 4, not 4G) at the WWDC yesterday and showed off some of it’s sweet new features. Here are some of the more exciting ones: Camera – It now has a 5-megapixel camera with flash, as well as a zoom feature. Also, the camera records videos in HD...

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New iPhone Rumors

A new rumor about the upcoming iPhone says At&t has told its employees that the new phone will be released in June, not July, and probably earlier in the month rather than later. This is great news for people (like me) who don’t want to wait! Apple should be making the official announcement next week. For the time being,...

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iPad To Run World Of Warcraft?

May 06, 10 iPad To Run World Of Warcraft?

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Before we get our pants wet, this could easily be a “photoshoped” image but let’s give David Perry, the benefit of the doubt. After all he was part of the great Earthworm Jim game. At least it was great for me. Quick intermission before I get a few messages and texts. Yes, the images are all messed up. Just give me...

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The iPad

Let the video do all the talking....

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Exclusive: The Secret Apple Tablet

Apple and rumors go hand by hand. A very long time ago it was rumored that the big A was working on a “Tablet” to compete with the Netbook market. The first designs were scrapped because it didn’t meet expectations.  Fast forward to the present and it seems the rumors could be true. These are some of the Apple...

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