DC Universe Rises Like A Phoenix During November

Nov 02, 11 DC Universe Rises Like A Phoenix During November

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As you know, I am quite excited about hearing that DC Universe was becoming a Free to Play title. November was the target of this model change and I can’t wait. I seriously (and furiously) feel this is the right move for SOE. The way this game plays with a controller is just amazing. Keep in mind that I bought both the PC and...

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Apocalypse is NoW!

Sep 17, 09 Apocalypse is NoW!

Posted by in Fallen Earth, Gaming

The list of non fantasy MMOs is increasing slowly but steady, bringing new options to hardcore and newcomers alike.  In a nutshell Fallen Earth is a post-apocalyptic MMO; the game features a classless system that incorporates a unique crafting system, six factions and an unique combat perspective. For those that love Mad Max,...

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