New KalibreOnline Feature: Request A Review

I am very happy to announce this new feature to KalibreOnline. This was an idea suggested by Project Xii and I immediately loved it. As of now just feel free to leave a comment with the game or anime that you would like the amazing Mr. Xii to review. Yes, it’s that simple. Remember, not all requests can be honored and...

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Anime: First Impressions – Highschool of the Dead

Japanese Highschool animes. They’re not the greatest genre. Most are horrid love stories where teenagers endlessly giggle and stumble to admit they like one another. Where hand holding is considered “moving fast”, and nose bleeds abound at the mere sight of a bra strap. It’s the kind of stuff only teary otaku girls and very...

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The Art Of Cosplay

Nov 04, 09 The Art Of Cosplay

Posted by in Anime, Entertainment, Gaming

I wrote a small blog called “Weird Games and Sexy Female Gamers” around three weeks ago and my plan is to continue the series but this time I want to include only Cosplay images.  In case you were wondering, Cosplay means “costume roleplay”and people dress up just like Halloween.   Anime and manga are top...

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