Age Of Conan Unlimited Trial

Do you want to play Age of Conan for free? Try all different classes? Well, now you can. This is a limited time offer: Get ready for the most savage, sexy and brutal MMO ever created! This trial allows you to play all of the content on Tortage Island – for as long as you want at no cost whatsoever. Please note...

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AoC Rise Of The GodSlayer: Live World Premiere Broadcast Event

On December 7th the game director will launch a World Premiere Live Event with a group of players through the lands in the new Age of Conan expansion.  You can watch via Xfire. Embark on the most savage, sexy and brutal Conan adventure yet as you descend into the shadows that have fallen over Khitai, the fabled empire of the east!...

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GiveawayGamer is running a contest and the winner will get one full year of free playtime for Age of Conan.   This is how you enter: To win this amazing prize all you have to do is to share this giveaway or the site with the world. Tell all your friends, share the link in your twitter, facebook, myspace, forums,...

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Lobah: A Slave Girl In Age Of Conan

Oct 01, 09 Lobah: A Slave Girl In Age Of Conan

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Let’s talk about a buggy, unresponsive, resource hogger, broken game at release and one of my favorites: Age of Conan.  There are other games that have a place in my heart but Conan has the beauty to match it’s ruthlessness; no other game can beat AoC’s combat period. This is not a review or a preview, it is a...

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Game fatigue and Machinima!

Lately I have been wondering where to invest my spare time; my love for MMOs and online games is still strong, but I might be suffering from “mmo fatigue”.  As my friends wait impatiently for the release of Aion and after various conversations of how the game will bring real “pvp” to the MMO scene a lá Dark...

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