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Avengers End Credit Scene Leaked

Avengers End Credit Scene Leaked Posted by on Apr 27, 2012

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My First MMORPG: Final Fantasy 14

My First MMORPG: Final Fantasy 14 Posted by on Aug 29, 2011

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Heart Of The Swarm Seeks Vengeance

Heart Of The Swarm Seeks Vengeance Posted by on Oct 27, 2011

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BGs available at level 1: a feature that should be added in WoW like rated Battlegrounds

Aug 28, 09 BGs available at level 1: a feature that should be added in WoW like rated Battlegrounds

Posted by in Blizzard, Gaming

The basic idea of questing and leveling is always the same:  You get a quest and in return for completing it you are rewarded with XP towards your next level.  The process involves several thousand clicks and long hours.  The story is the substance that (for those that like to RP) makes the game a living book.  Personally I...

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Cross server instances,Wargen animation video, Megan Fox wants to tell you something, Grats TSG!

Blizzard has announced a new feature and it will be ready for patch 3.3.0: Cross Server instances. Players from the same battlegroup will be able to play together in low and high level instances.   The leaders attempting such a feat will be rewarded for their migraines.. err efforts. Ninjas looters rejoice!  You can pull that...

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World of Warcraft New Expansion Trailer

Here is the new trailer for the WoW Expansion: Overall I feel very disappointed with the lack of polish from the trailer.   It lacks the usual CG from previous WoW trailers; however it was very informative and kind of exciting.  The new features are very intriguing and I am sure it will pull back many players.  I was told the...

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EVE Online console MMO: DUST 514

Aug 21, 09 EVE Online console MMO: DUST 514

Posted by in Consoles & PC, Eve Online, Gaming, PC

Dust 514 is a console-based hybrid MMO-FPS set within the EVE universe. The game features an FPS and RTS gameplay that will interact with Eve Online. It will give a chance to console gamers to become a part of the Eve Universe. To quote CCP :“The primary gameplay of DUST 514 features brutal ground combat that takes place on...

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Champions Online beta

Aug 19, 09 Champions Online beta

Posted by in Gaming

Yesterday started like normal: get up, eat, get to work, comeback from work, kiss the wife. Later in the day I decided to go upstairs and check the “preloaded” install of Champions Online.  What a mistake!  The patcher wanted to dl a 3 gigs file to “patch” the game.  Ok,  it’s cool! “It...

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No elves!

While checking youtube the other day I saw a video that made me laugh: No Elves I don’t know if this was targeted to WoW but that elf looks very familiar (blood elf from WoW).  Great video and Kudos for originality. For more information about the game, check Global Agenda site.  For your enjoyment here is Gameplay...

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Troll druids, faction change coming after expansion?

And the best thing to happen in WoW is……. Trolls will finally be able to be druids. What a thrill, we got something better than a new class! A new model and different racials … AWESOME! ….. Blizzard is always thinking about us. Lucky us! Putting the bitterness of my statement aside, here are the racial...

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Will the release of Aion hurt WoW?

Everytime there is a new game on the horizon, the question pops inside our minds: Will “x” game hurt or defeat WoW? NCSoft has declared that it will be second to WoW, a very funny statement since they implied the same for Tabula Rasa (RiP). Having the chance to play the beta I don’t know what to say. The game...

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Old BGs Vs New BGs, Is re-using content a bad sign?

Aug 15, 09 Old BGs Vs New BGs, Is re-using content a bad sign?

Posted by in Blizzard, Gaming

Old BGs vs New BGs: Is pvp aerial combat next in WoW? During the last couple of  days I took my druid for a walk in Wintergrasp, Strand of the Ancients and the new BG called Isle of Conquest. While the novelty feeling of the new bg was cool, I started to meditate about this kind of PVP. It reminded me of something… but I...

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RIP Matrix Online

It finally happened, another death in the MMO world: Matrix Online I remembered watching the first Matrix movie and thinking what a cool online game that would make.  The game had the perfect setting and combat system, I would have complete control on skills and choices of my character.  When I found out about the Matrix Online...

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Re-inventing Combat dynamics, Pussycat Dolls VS Brown Eyed Girls

Some games have tried to change it and there are only 2 games that have made a lasting impression on me:  Asheron’s Call and Age of Conan. In my opinion (emphasis on my opinion) the combat was exciting, you could feel the heart pumping when dodging a spell and jumping over a hut to run away from your attacker...

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Gforce 4: Fortitude Video, does the Hokage approve?

Gforce movie link Fans of the warrior rejoice, Gforce 4: Fortitude is finally out. You will find duels, some world pvp and Gforce’s amazing editing skills. Personally I am a big fan of his movies, (I always wanted to roll a warrior but I was to lazy to do it), and there is something magical in the editing of his movies. ...

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