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Avengers End Credit Scene Leaked

Avengers End Credit Scene Leaked Posted by on Apr 27, 2012

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My First MMORPG: Final Fantasy 14

My First MMORPG: Final Fantasy 14 Posted by on Aug 29, 2011

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Heart Of The Swarm Seeks Vengeance

Heart Of The Swarm Seeks Vengeance Posted by on Oct 27, 2011

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The art of playing a movie: Heavy Rain

News about Heavy Rain are not exactly new, there is a lot of hype concerning the game because of its unusual gameplay, and cinematic feel.  Kotaku translated an interview with Duth magazine in 2008:   “Heavy Rain is about normal people that have landed in extraordinary situations. I wanted a much more personal story....

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Dungeon Fighter Online

Sep 24, 09 Dungeon Fighter Online

Posted by in Dungeon Fighter Online, Gaming

On my previous post I wrote about Muramasa, and tonight  I want to let you know about an online game that reminds me of Golden Axe.  Dungeon Fighter Online is Nexon’s (Neople was the developer and Nexon is the publisher) new product, a 2D sidescroller online action game. The game seems to be doing well in Korea (no surprise...

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Jumpgate Evolution

Jumpgate Evolution is deep space MMO currently being developed by NetDevil and published by Codemasters.  The game is a sequel to Jumpgate and features a new graphics engine, JGE was scheduled to release in June ’09 but it has been delayed with no exact date.   Evolution will offer a more active combat that should appeal to...

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Are you ready to become Batman?

Batman: Arkham Asylum was released for The PS3 and Xbox 360 on August 2009; the PC version was released on September of the same year. The game has received praise from the critics and gamers because of the story, gameplay and voice acting. Batman is voiced by Kevin Conroy, the Joker by Mark Hamill, and Harley Quinn by Arleen...

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Your Skin as a canvas: Videogame Tattoos!

Sep 23, 09 Your Skin as a canvas: Videogame Tattoos!

Posted by in Entertainment, Gaming, Tattoos

This might not be the newest trend ever, some people like tattoos, others don’t.   This Fallen Earth fan decided to make his favorite game  part of his body by getting one of the game’s logo tattooed in his leg.  Ok I lied, is not his favorite game, but he could have fooled anybody. Massively had a chat with the...

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Will the guard dog ever make it to TF2?

Sep 22, 09 Will the guard dog ever make it to TF2?

Posted by in Gaming, Team Fortress 2

Both Digg and Gameriot posted a link to a very hilarious site, it appears that a TF2 fan created an interesting idea for the game; a new class called The Guard Dog. Vale replied to this link with a very unique twist: Is this for real and the Guard Dog make it to TF2 or just a glorified thank you from Valve ? For those that never...

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Great number of games for $5.00!

Well, for those interested in EvE online and missed the great deal Steam was offering, you can finally stop crying;  Direct2Drive is having a a super sale on at least 50 games, Eve (among others) are included in the deal!   No, this is not some cheap promo (if at least I would get paid for promoting other sites….), every...

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House of Flying Daggers: One of the best videos I have seen!

Not everybody will enjoy this video, hell is not even game related but I I think is one of the best videos I have seen in a while, definitely worth the “flamin” risk  🙂 “Just finished a great project – I did all the illustration work for an animated music video for the one Raekwon the Cheffrom the...

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The best dancing in any MMO

Massively made a recent post asking the community about their favorite dance moves in MMOs and Aion’s dance move was showcased.  NCSoft newest game looks really good, seriously, but as impressive as the game is my vote goes to Fallen Earth.  Visually, FE is not even close to Aion’s graphical power but …....

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Muramasa: Beautiful Visuals mixed with great 2D action!

Sep 20, 09 Muramasa: Beautiful Visuals mixed with great 2D action!

Posted by in Gaming, Muramasa: The Demon Sword, Wii

I thought it would be a good idea to write a quick post about Muramasa: The Demon Blade that’s out for the Wii.  Muramasa is a beautiful 2D action game; it features a swordfighting combo system  and amazing visuals (wait.. I said that twice).   Muramasa: The Demon Blade, known in Japan as Oboromuramasa?  is an action role...

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Game fatigue and Machinima!

Lately I have been wondering where to invest my spare time; my love for MMOs and online games is still strong, but I might be suffering from “mmo fatigue”.  As my friends wait impatiently for the release of Aion and after various conversations of how the game will bring real “pvp” to the MMO scene a lá...

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Who Needs World of Warcraft?? Gravity’s Horror mmorpg: Requiem

Since my university times, I have been pursued by a new kind of tech Zombies;  all they can say is “Dude, play World of Warcraft” (WoW).  I’m not saying that I didn’t tried it, but for my mental health,  I stopped playing the game.  As a PC gamer for so many years I know for a fact there are many free...

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