Game Review: Resonance of Fate – Ready, Aim…!

A complete review of tri-Ace’s unsung JRPG Final Fantasy XIII. You either loved it, or you hated it. Many were put off by the overly dramatic characters, linear pathing, lacklustre story and thirty hour long tutorial for a battle system that just wasn’t fun. Given that it was the most awaited JRPG in recent years, saying...

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Anime: First Impressions – Highschool of the Dead

Japanese Highschool animes. They’re not the greatest genre. Most are horrid love stories where teenagers endlessly giggle and stumble to admit they like one another. Where hand holding is considered “moving fast”, and nose bleeds abound at the mere sight of a bra strap. It’s the kind of stuff only teary otaku girls and very...

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Game Review: Darksiders – This Time, It’s War

Besides God of War 3, Darksiders was my next ‘most anticipated’ brawler game of 2010. The trailer showed awesome scenes of War, Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, taking on the massive enemies that had invaded Earth. Gigantic worms, flying Demons, legions of holy Angels… nothing seemed to tough for him. The world had ended: it...

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Game Review: Dead Space – A Good Sci-Fi Horror Never Dies

Do you love horror? Did Condemned have you on the edge of your seat, and Resident Evil’s zombiefied masses make you quiver with glee? Is your lust for gore matched only by your desire to blow things to pieces? Well you’d probably love Dead Space; one of the best survival horror gaming experiences to be had. With...

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Anime Review: Genius Party – 7 Directors, 7 Very Different Animes

Some of my favourite forms of media are “compilations”, where a whole bunch of different directors and artists get together to create a short story each, about anything they wish, and mash them all onto one DVD for your enjoyment. Examples of more well known ones would be “Memories” and “The Animatrix”. Recently...

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