World of Warcraft 3.3.3 Patch Notes

World of Warcraft Client Patch 3.3.3 PvP The amount of Honor awarded for an Honorable Kill has been increased by 100% for characters of all levels. Since all Honor is awarded based on a conversion rate from Honorable Kills, this change will effectively double the amount of Honor received from Honorable Kills, or for completing...

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My header is lame and only those that know the “FUUUUUUUU” meme will get it. Whatever, there goes my career in comedy. I posted a video about this guy before where he openly told everybody how he was going to quit WoW if Blizzard didn’t give in to his demands. Well, upset with the reaction Ghostcrawler took action...

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World of Warcraft: Rocket Mount & The Celestial Steed

Check out the new mounts for the upcoming 3.3.3 WoW...

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Female Gamers: Interview with Millies

I was lucky enough to have a chat with millies, the XFX participant, model and avid WoW Gamer. Some questions might not make sense because I was trying to make reference to some of the other WOM female bloggers.   For those that don’t know you, who is millies? Millies is Kate Heffernan, 21. Originally from Seattle, grew...

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World Of Warcraft ESL VoDs

If you missed the ESL tournament, be sure to check out the ESL VoDs.

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Congratulations to Team EG (Azael, Woundman and Tenderloin) for winning the ESL finals! The tournament was attacked by a DDoS attack and was delayed. It took a while to get things going but it was well worth it. “Since yesterday, we have been under attack by a malicious bot net. More than 1,000 IPs constantly flooded our data...

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