Rogue VS Patchwork

Gengar from the WoWRiot Community just posted this interesting Rogue video. Before I continue please be aware that the picture that I used was the creation of a deviantart user named kolasama. Amazing work! Now to the...

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World of Warcraft: Drakedog 9 Realeased!

Everyone’s favorite warlock has just released his latest PvP Movie. As usual, it features outstanding editing and various “1vs multiple” scenes. Some people are complaining about the quality of the fights but we need to keep in mind that this is the “Wrath of the Lich King Expansion”, people die in a...

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World of Warcraft: Sexy Cooldown

I have never used this addon before. It was installed in my computer because it was part of a UI compilation I wanted to use. Now, this is one of those addons that I feel should be included in the game. It’s very easy to use and provides an easy “scan” when you want to keep an eye on your cooldowns. This was saved...

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World of Warcraft: Woundman 5 – Dance is Back!

Rogue lovers and Woundman’s fans rejoice,  the rogue hero (member of Team EG, winners of the ESL finals) released his fifth movie. I just finished it watching it (while trying to get my baby back to sleep) and is really good. What’s behind the black bars though? Anyway, even my daughter liked the movie. She had her...

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World Of Warcraft: The One Man “Boomkin” Squadron

Only those playing World of Warcraft will make sense of this video.  Bombs away, I mean, moonfires and starfires… You know what I...

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World of Warcraft Contest – Sponsored by KalibreOnline

This is just a quick update to remind you guys that the contest is still going. This is something that I want and plan to keep doing very often. Remember to check those activation emails in your spam folder. How cool would it be if I could giveaway one PS3? Only time will...

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