Starcraft 2 At Blizzcon

Early this morning I was reading about the Starcraft 2 Map Editor Panel during Blizzcon. This is some pretty exciting stuff, gotta keep working my SC2 skills.  Check out the...

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Starcraft 2: Patch 1.1

Here are a few notes from Blizzard regarding the Patch 1.1 and some balance changes. You can read the whole thing here. Also be on the lookout for the new name change service. It seems like the first one will be free and the next time you want a name change you will have to pay a fee. Balance Changes We have several balance changes...

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Starcraft 2: Blizzard Will Monitor User-Created Content

In a move that has surprised a couple of StarCraft junkies, Blizzard will monitor the maps uploaded through the system. Here’s Lylirra’s post regarding this issue: “While players are encouraged to share the maps they create through, published maps are subject to review to ensure that they...

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Starcraft 2 Wants To Eat Your Hardware: Nasty Bug Melts Videocards

I was not going to post anything else about Starcraft 2 until the banner for the new column was ready but this needs attention. My eye caught a very interesting post by Chris from Game by Night regarding an issue with Stacraft 2 and videocards. It seems some users have reported problems, and with that I mean the destruction of...

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Starcraft 2: Ghost of The Past

With the release date just around the corner, Blizzard dropped another masterpiece of a trailer. For your enjoyment: Gost of the Past. So, who will be getting Starcraft...

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