Heart Of The Swarm Seeks Vengeance

Several weeks ago, Blizzard released special screenshots asking the SC2 players to take wild guesses on new units. The Starcraft 2 expansion trailer was released and it shows these new units. Hold that thought!  After watching the trailer I really started to think about how great SC2 story is. Then it started to sink in. She...

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Zerg Tricks Everyone Should Know

We have some great Starcraft 2 casters out there. They make boring matches entertaining, analyze situations and make suggestions for players. Now, what about those low-ranking players that are struggling with strategies? Take me for example, I do not play any other race in Starcraft 2. I rely on replays and commentary about what...

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Starcraft Universe

You know you want it! You know you are tired of fantasy MMOs! Just kidding. But seriously! There is no official word from Blizzard regarding a Starcraft 2 Universe MMO but some serious fans are hard at work in a mod for Starcraft 2. The mod  will be available only until October 30th. It is unclear the reason as of why they are...

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Congratulations to Huk, The MLG Starcraft 2 Champion

And Huk takes out MC in what has been an Epic MLG Orlando. Congratulations to Huk on becoming the MLG Orlando Starcraft 2 Champion! The first non-Korean champion of MLG with Korean players participating. It was indeed an Epic MLG, I loved the games and the chemistry of the casters. The unsung hero was MarineKingPrime. Thanks to...

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IGN Pro League 3 Grand Finals! Congratulations to Stephano!

Fans of Starcraft 2 rejoince! Amazing games were played at the IGN Pro League Tournament. Congratulations to the winner, Stephano! One more thing: VISINE FIGHTING!!

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Starcraft 2: Free Name Change For All Players

Blizzard delivered on what was promised: A free name change for those that messed up theirs at creation.  Here’s the official announcement:   All StarCraft II accounts have been granted one free name change. If you’d like to change your character name, log in to Account Management and choose your StarCraft II:...

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