Zerg Tricks Everyone Should Know

We have some great Starcraft 2 casters out there. They make boring matches entertaining, analyze situations and make suggestions for players. Now, what about those low-ranking players that are struggling with strategies? Take me for example, I do not play any other race in Starcraft 2. I rely on replays and commentary about what...

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Starcraft Universe

You know you want it! You know you are tired of fantasy MMOs! Just kidding. But seriously! There is no official word from Blizzard regarding a Starcraft 2 Universe MMO but some serious fans are hard at work in a mod for Starcraft 2. The mod  will be available only until October 30th. It is unclear the reason as of why they are...

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Congratulations to Huk, The MLG Starcraft 2 Champion

And Huk takes out MC in what has been an Epic MLG Orlando. Congratulations to Huk on becoming the MLG Orlando Starcraft 2 Champion! The first non-Korean champion of MLG with Korean players participating. It was indeed an Epic MLG, I loved the games and the chemistry of the casters. The unsung hero was MarineKingPrime. Thanks to...

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Meet The Avengers: A Superhero Club

Yes, I am late on posting this. I blame Comcast! I just saw this trailer and man it looks good. Edward Norton is not portraying his Hulk character and that sucks because his version of Banner was my favorite. That does not take away that Mark Ruffalo might be a blessing in disguise. He is a great actor and I will be giving him the...

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IGN Pro League 3 Grand Finals! Congratulations to Stephano!

Fans of Starcraft 2 rejoince! Amazing games were played at the IGN Pro League Tournament. Congratulations to the winner, Stephano! One more thing: VISINE FIGHTING!!

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How To Maintain Your World Of Warcraft Account Safe

Blizzard just recently opened their new Customer Support YouTube channel and for the most part I think it is a good idea. At first glance I thought the voice overs were a little over the top but I got used to them. Most people will think that these things are common sense but you will be surprise how careless and clueless some...

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