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Feb 02, 10 Kalibre At The Movies

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Welcome to Kalibre at the Movies. I’m gonna be going over what’s out in theatres now, what’s coming soon, and what I think about it all in this section of the site.  This being my first post I’m going to be going through a lot of the current movies out, so it may be a bit long. Starting with the mega-gigantic-incredible...

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How to Improve your Arena Ratings in World Of Warcraft

What you are about to read was taken off ArenaJunkies. It is a very instructional guide and my good friend Ryugan send me the link to share it with everybody. Your Computer Get high speed internet if you don’t have it. On Desks Improve your FPS and Latency! To increase your FPS first tweak your WoW video settings....

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Arthas is Dead

This is epic! I will go ahead and say I do not agree with this but it’s still epic. Arthas is an iconic character and should not be defeated so easily. In fact, he should not died  at all. I still have faith in Blizzard and have hope to see Arthas again, somehow. Update: Seems like Blizzard took the video down. Damn! Let...

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Another One Bites The Dust

I’m almost level 80 but a sad story just happened to one of my friends; his account got hacked this morning. I wrote about my experience when my account got hacked and I still blame the merge somehow. Regardless, Blizzard took immediate action after my password was reset, the account was banned one minute after that. Pretty...

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Tooth Fairy Family Fun Day at Kendall

The cool people at the Regal Kendall Village 16 sent me a couple of pictures of their Family Fun Day (January 16-17) where they promoted Dwayne’s new movie: The Tooth Fairy. I love when companies take time to promote family events, specially with the state of this economy. If you missed the Family Fun Day, keep an eye open...

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