How To Livestream Your Games

Dec 13, 11 How To Livestream Your Games

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(Update: This is another very good Xsplit Tutorial!) This lesson was brutal!  It took me a long time to learn how to broadcast games the way I wanted. My knowledge on this subject is very limited and I highly recommend this guide created by Sean “[Day9]” Plott. That’s where my journey started. Since I already...

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KalibreOnline TV Latino: Episode 1

The official first episode was forever lost. In my attempt to live-stream Star Wars The Old Republic, I forgot to click that record button and messed up everything. Live and learn! I decided to add the commentary to the previous Skyrim video. I know the work is not good but this will be good practice for future...

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KalibreOnline TV

  After much consideration, I decided to start recording game play-through and later on commentaries. With this, KalibreOnline TV makes its debut on Youtube. The Youtube Channel was there for a while but I never had the time to learn about video-editing. While not perfect, I managed to record some footage and uploaded in...

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