DayZ: A Survival Zombie Simulator

Jul 14, 12 DayZ: A Survival Zombie Simulator

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The blog has been a bit abandoned due to my heavy involvement in Youtube and Livestreaming. I was able to try DayZ and I must say it is a weird mix of frustration and fascination. A terrible combination!  DayZ is a mod for Arma II by Bohemia Interactive Studios. On its own, DayZ has resurected the Arma fanbase.  The player starts...

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Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight Part 2

Jul 03, 12 Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight Part 2

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The wait is finally over. Thousand Pounds Action Company has released the second part of their Naruto fan film project.  Lucky for you, they have put Part 1 and 2 in one video.  Enjoy this video, made by fans for the fans. Hollywood, PLEASE, get the right people for the right job. Be sure to check out their upcoming webseries:...

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Clandestine: Follow The Path

Jul 03, 12 Clandestine: Follow The Path

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Meet Clandestine. This project is from the same team that brought you Naruto: Dreamers Fight and Street Fighter X Tekken. Thousand Pounds Action Company just started their Kickstarter project. I highly suggest you take the time to see their work and what’s their plan with this web series.   WHAT IS CLANDESTINE: Follow...

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Diablo 3 Servers Delete Your Character

May 30, 12 Diablo 3 Servers Delete Your Character

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This is a very rare, gamebreaking bug that deletes your Diablo 3 character. The causes are unknown but it seems to affect new characters on new accounts that have not yet sync’ed correctly with the Diablo 3 servers.  Here’s a video of it happening during a livestream:     As a bonus, here are some...

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LBP Stunts Chicago Action Stunt Reel

May 27, 12 LBP Stunts Chicago Action Stunt Reel

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  Today I would like to share one of my favorite Stunt  Company out there. Best part? They have collaborated with another personal favorite, Thousand Pounds Action Company. For your enjoyment, here’s the LBP Stunts Chicago Stunt Reel.      Visit us at Many thanks to the...

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Toy Warfare

Once again I apologize for the lack of updates. Youtube is a whole new beast for me and I am still learning a lot. As of right now I am managing two channels and this is leaving me with barely any time to work on the blog.  I would like to share something that I have been working on: Toy Warfare.  It is a very silly...

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