Re-inventing Combat dynamics, Pussycat Dolls VS Brown Eyed Girls

Some games have tried to change it and there are only 2 games that have made a lasting impression on me:  Asheron’s Call and Age of Conan. In my opinion (emphasis on my opinion) the combat was exciting, you could feel the heart pumping when dodging a spell and jumping over a hut to run away from your attacker...

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Gforce 4: Fortitude Video, does the Hokage approve?

Gforce movie link Fans of the warrior rejoice, Gforce 4: Fortitude is finally out. You will find duels, some world pvp and Gforce’s amazing editing skills. Personally I am a big fan of his movies, (I always wanted to roll a warrior but I was to lazy to do it), and there is something magical in the editing of his movies. ...

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