The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Videos and Gallery

This will sound redundant but I am still having problems with Comcast. There are a few blog posts that I want to get out (Another Battlefield 3 Report, Zerg Tricks, and a few more) but as you know, working with unstable internet makes this very painful. I particularly enjoy saving videos and working in blog posts ahead of time, some...

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Modern Warfare 3 Gets Redemption

The Call of Duty games. What a list! In reality, only 2 games from their catalog got my love and attention. That was the Modern Warfare series. I could not get into the others and after trying to really like World at War and Black Ops it just didn’t work out. Like wanting to have a beer, you grab one and as soon as you taste...

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Batman Arkham City: Robin DLC

I mentioned in a Facebook post a few weeks ago that I was not a fan of the first Batman game. The game was good, don’t get me wrong. I was just expecting something different. The lack of freedom really killed it for my taste and I gave up very close to the end. By watching the new Arkham City game, it feels right. Playing in...

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Battlefield 3: Bigger, Better, BETA?

The moment Bobby Kotick and many gamers around the world were waiting for is finally here. Battlefield 3 Open Beta is available to download on all platforms. The first thing that must be said about this game: this is a PC GAME all the way. No, the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions are not better than the PC. It’s a fact. While these...

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Lord of The Rings Online: Rise of Isengard Launch Trailer

Remember a game called Middle-Earth Online and the drama behind it? What about a game called Lord of The Ring Online by Turbine, the same people that made Asheron’s Call and Asheron’s Call 2? Well, for those that don’t follow the MMORPG scene, LoTRO became a free to play game. After that switch the game boomed with...

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Capcom’s Bait And Switch In Resident Evil Revelations Trailer

This is something that I think is hilarious. Kotaku released a leaked trailer from Resident Evil: Revelations. In this trailer you were met with a busty and possibly blind blonde girl. When I say “possibly blind” I don’t mean it literally. Her hair is in the way and that thing is harder than Pauly D’s...

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