Phoenix Wright Movie

  You know how Hollywood is always messing up when adapting games into movies? Well, take a look at how close the upcoming Phoenix Wright movie looks:  Jaw-dropping right? I will attribute the awesomeness to Mr. Takashi Miike, one of the most diverse and crazy directors out there. Don’t believe me? Watch his movies....

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Battlefield 3 The Controller Episode 2

Oct 29, 11 Battlefield 3 The Controller Episode 2

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  The second episode of the Controller was released and I liked most of it. No fast eliminations and one team was banned from the money round based on a physical challenge. Not bad! However, the beginning of the show looked incredibly fake. I just rolled my eyes.  I  would prefer if the physical challenge was based on...

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Halloween In MMOs

It is very common to have Holiday events in MMOs. This is another way to bring the social aspects of the game or just an e-peen race to get the latest perks. Either way, I love the idea and intentions behind it. A few minutes ago I finished watching Tera’s Halloween Trailer. For some reason, I found it very creepy. Spoiler...

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Heart Of The Swarm Seeks Vengeance

Several weeks ago, Blizzard released special screenshots asking the SC2 players to take wild guesses on new units. The Starcraft 2 expansion trailer was released and it shows these new units. Hold that thought!  After watching the trailer I really started to think about how great SC2 story is. Then it started to sink in. She...

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Blizzard Presents Mists of Pandaria, The New World Of Warcraft Expansion

This is a bit late I know. I was about to not post anything because all blogs out there are writing about it. However, my surprise can’t be contained. More on that later. Like the Headline implies, Blizzard finally announced Mists of Pandaria as the new expansion for their World of Warcraft MMO. Yes, Pandaria as in...

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Two Very Different Ways To Play Battlefield 3

  If you are a regular to this blog and you think I am overdoing it with the Battlefield 3 posts, I am sorry but I can’t help it. At this rate I will have to make a Battlefield 3 column. I just saw two amazing ways of playing the game and I wish that was me testing it that way. Am I a good Battlefield 3 player? Well that...

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