Insane Modern Warfare 3 Knife Kill

One of the things that I love about Modern Warfare are the crazy kills. The knife kills from Modern Warfare 2 make a comeback. Sit back and...

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Skyrim Races’ Attributes And Powers

Nov 20, 11 Skyrim Races’ Attributes And Powers

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In Skyrim, the world is your oyster. As a classless game, you have the choice of assuming an archetype or mix it up a bit. You need to be careful not to over-extend you jack-of-all trades build if you decide to to that route. Races, asides from your looks, have some important bonus that you should consider. Let’s start with...

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How To Become A Vampire In Skyrim

You know you wanted it. I have good and bad news. The good news is that indeed you can become a Vampire in Skyrim and the bad news is that you will not look like one of the Twilight gang. You need to become infected with the Sanguinare Vampiris disease first. In order to get infected you need to fight vampires (kind of obvious)...

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BF3 vs MW3: And The Winner Is?

For many people answering this question boils down to being a fanboy. As rational gamers, let’s take a step back and think. What game is the best game for me (or in this case you)? Answer: The one that makes you have fun, lots of it. Here’s a Pros and Cons list. Let’s start with Battlfield 3:   Pros: An...

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Epic Modern Warfare 3 Kills

These kills go from the crazy to the aburd in a matter of seconds. As per usual, Modern Warfare 3 gameplay allows for this crazy over-the-top kills. There’s one that will crack you...

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The Quick And Dirty Modern Warfare 3 Review

Finally, Modern Warfare 3 arrived and thousands (or millions?) of gamers are either extremely happy, disappointed or just mad. After the crazy stories of what people were doing to secure a copy, I can only wonder what they did after they played the game. Let’s get busy! Modern Warfare 3 offers the same formula as previous...

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