Modern Warfare 2: Coolest Suicide Ever

Since the first knife video I posted, I have not seen something as cool as this. I can imaging him: “Yea baby, KILL HIM” “F***! NO!!!” Check out the...

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Modern Warfare 2: The Most Unbelievable Knife Throw Ever

I know I’ve posted “The Greatest Knife Kill Ever” but this one is just unbelievable. Why can’t this happen when I’m the one throwing the...

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Modern Warfare 2 GREATEST Knife Kill Ever

Mr. Pibbs from the Hellforge Community posted the following video and I wanted to share it with everybody.  This is the kind of knife kills that I want to perform daily but can only dream off. Sir, for your accomplishment you need a special name, rank or perk.  Watch the video and you will realize what I...

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