How To Fix Netflix Freezing PS3 Units

Feb 14, 12 How To Fix Netflix Freezing PS3 Units

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Somehow after watching Netflix for a random amount of time, my console freezes. After searching for this on the internet, it seems I am not alone. The latest “solution” involved checking my wireless connection. I am using a different channel, everything is protected, I cleaned my PS3 on the outside and inside,...

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Dragon Quest X: An Online Roleplaying Game

Sep 05, 11 Dragon Quest X: An Online Roleplaying Game

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It was a matter of time for this to happen. After all, this is another big franchise for the monster formerly known as Square-Enix. Dragon Quest X was announced by Square-Enix as an Online Role Playing Game for the Wii and the Wii-U. What exactly this term means? Is it just a new term referring to the used MMORPG (Massively...

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Game Review – Muramasa: The Demon Blade

A complete review of gamings artiest brawler to date If there’s one overlooked developer that deserves acknowledgment in the gaming community, it’s  “Vanillaware”. Their previous games on the PS2 – “Odin Sphere” and “GrimGrimoire” – received critical acclaim from the people who played them, with the...

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

I don’t know when exactly  I stopped liking the Super Mario games, maybe after Super Mario RPG (that game was awesome), but it does not mean the game is bad. Joystiq posted their own review a few hours ago. The improvement upon the original SMG starts with doing away with part of it. Gone is the unnecessarily complex hub...

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Xenoblade Trailer

The characters look so ugly. Sad day for the...

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Super Mario Galaxy 2

My last Mario game was probably Super Mario RPG but this look so adorable. I wonder if the “How high can you fly” in the video (1:02) is a reference to the “How low can you go” song. Oh Nintendo you sneaky...

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