Skyrim And How Dragonborn Are Made

  The tale of the Dragonborn is not a pretty one. Their existence is a mystery to some. In this video you will find more about them. Please be warned, the videos contain very strong language. The first one is a look into their ancestry. The two other videos tell their stories in an explicit manner. I thought the video...

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Skyrim DLC Press Release

Nov 12, 11 Skyrim DLC Press Release

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It’s pretty crazy how DLC works nowadays. Developers either worked on it while the game has not seen the light of day or at least have structured a plan on what they want to do for the DLC. Skyrim is no different. Microsoft managed to secured the first 2 DLCs for this new game and will hit the console a month before any other...

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Mad Helicopter Skills In BF3

Nov 12, 11 Mad Helicopter Skills In BF3

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I am just blown away by this pilot’s “mad” helicopter skills. During my play sessions with Battlefield 3, I have not encountered someone that comes close to this guy (or girl, you never know; it’s the internet after all) in skill.     Be sure to check out his/her Youtube Channel and subscribe....

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New Call Of Duty Will Hit Shelves In 2012

The announcement that is taking the videogame-sphere by storm. A new Call Of Duty! Who would have guessed? “As we focus on 2012, we have a strong product pipeline which features a minimum of two highly-anticipated new titles from Blizzard Entertainment, including Diablo III, and a new Call of Duty game from Activision...

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Mass Effect 3 Demo Leaked On Xbox Live

Nov 08, 11 Mass Effect 3 Demo Leaked On Xbox Live

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This is another reason to hate the fact that my Xbox 360 is not working. Somehow the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer demo was leaked to the public. It seems that it included a very interesting piece of information. To cater to different gaming styles, Bioware will offer three different gameplay modes:  Action Mode Story Mode  RPG...

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The Quick And Dirty Battlefield 3 Review

With this post I open KalibreOnline’s new section: The Quick and Dirty Reviews. After reading Battlefield reviews from major publications I noticed that they were vague on some issues and focused too much in others. If you didn’t noticed yet, I am also quite a terrible writer and time is not my friend. Let’s get...

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