World Of Warcraft: Patch 3.3 Notes

Icecrown Citadel: The Frozen Halls Looming over the stark wastes of Northrend, Icecrown Citadel awaits those who would see the Lich King and his Scourge brought low and the threat they pose wiped from the face of Azeroth. The heroes who venture within will face some of the greatest horrors yet seen. But before you burst into the...

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Shadowmourne: The Legendary Axe

MMO-Champion released a video with the new legendary axe: Shadowmourne.   “Shadowmourne… A great two-handed axe fit for a giant, born of sacred and corrupt powers, host of a thousand dead souls and able to be wielded only by the most stalwart armsmasters of Azeroth. Its creation seems nearly impossible; and yet, the...

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Blizzard, Account Security And You

Nov 30, 09 Blizzard, Account Security And You

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I like to think my computer is safe from viruses, keyloggers and other pesky security threats. I was in for a rude awakening. It seems I was wrong and clueless.  Everything was fine until I decided to merge my account over to Battlenet and get my penguin pet.  Two days after that I received an email that my password was reset.  A...

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Amazing Halloween Machinima: Alkasir 4

Nov 03, 09 Amazing Halloween Machinima: Alkasir 4

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I present you with Alkasir’s new production; a different kind of movie.  If you can tolarate the WoW scenes, in my opinion, you can find a very entertaining Halloween themed movie.   While there are better machinima movies out there with high production values, Alkasir reminded me of those B rated movies that sometimes we...

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No World Of Warcraft For China…….. Again

Nov 03, 09 No World Of Warcraft For China…….. Again

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World of Warcraft had a lot of problems lately in China.  Blizzard’s expansion is on halt and can’t find the green light to publish Wrath of the Lich King in China.  The game suffered graphical changes to comply with the new Chinese regulations in games.  What changes exactly?  For starters, every skeleton in the...

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Hoff 5 & Sint 5: Arena Goodness And Facerolling

Oct 22, 09 Hoff 5 & Sint 5: Arena Goodness And Facerolling

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For the Arena goodness part of my tittle, Hoff released his fifth movie called Hofflerand 5: Less BG’s.  The movie consist mostly of arena clips with plenty of information for those seeking advice from a Paladin’s point of view. I use Seal of Command. I’m surprised at how few high-rated paladins use it. I know...

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