Rift Lite: Play For Free Until Level 20

Feb 02, 12 Rift Lite: Play For Free Until Level 20

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This is another great move from Trion. In order to survive in this ruthless, unforgiving MMO wasteland, they need to adapt. Giving players up to level 20 for free should help with population issues. As soon as I get a chance, I plan on giving it a try! Other games (like World Of Warcraft) have done it. Age of Conan had something...

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Rift: Ashes of History Goes Live With Huge Patch Notes

Sep 28, 11 Rift: Ashes of History Goes Live With Huge Patch Notes

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Rift, one of the most stable games on the history of MMO launches has released their newest Content update called Ashes of History. Granted, after coming a bit late to the MMORPG party, they had time to learn from the mistakes of others. Still, a very impressive feat and one that was covered in our Rift Review. Biggest addition in...

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There’s Old Spice Inside My Rift

This was a very unexpected video. The guys over at Trion, well-known for their success (and one of the most stable launches in MMO history) with the MMORPG Rift, have started a campaign to have players refer friends to the game. I don’t want to spoil the video for any of you so just go ahead and watch...

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What is Rift?

Today is the official launch of Rift and more servers were added. Queues seems to be dropping (always a good thing) but the daily downtime is still going on. Not a bad thing because it is just 15 to 30 minutes. Check out this awesome Dev Video about...

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Rift Patch Notes: From Beta to Head Start

Trion released a new set of patch notes that covers the game from Beta 7 to the headstart, which was yesterday. Check them out! === FEATURED === * Added new UI section for class-specific mechanics (Pacts, Convictions, etc) on Player and Target portraits. * Added Ancient Wardstones to Scarwood Reach. Activate them all to wake the...

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A New Level Of Customer Service In An MMO?

This might be a bit biased I know. While I am personally debating how much play-time I will be able  to drop on Rift, I must say I am impressed by this gem on their forum: Many of you have pre-ordered the boxed Collector’s Edition of Rift and have been asking about getting your pre-order items at Headstart. Since you will not...

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