Lord of The Rings Online: Rise of Isengard Launch Trailer

Remember a game called Middle-Earth Online and the drama behind it? What about a game called Lord of The Ring Online by Turbine, the same people that made Asheron’s Call and Asheron’s Call 2? Well, for those that don’t follow the MMORPG scene, LoTRO became a free to play game. After that switch the game boomed with...

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Gandalf’s Resonse: “You Shall Not Pay”

Turbine released a very iconic trailer for the release of the new free Lord of The Rings Online. Hey, Corporate Gandalf doesn’t look half...

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The F2P Executive Decision: Lords Of The Ring Online and Global Agenda

These news are a bit old but I failed to post them. For those that have no idea, Global Agenda will eliminate its subscription service known as AvA. Now everybody that buys the game can play the Conquest mode for free. They will use the same formula Guild Wars have used in the past: pay for expansions. Turbine,...

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Get Lord of The Rings Online Plus All Expansions For Only $9.99

This might be in celebration of their anniversary or maybe because they joined WB ranks, who knows and who cares. This is a great deal for anybody trying to get a break from World of Warcraft or any other MMORPG. I don’t know until when this offer will last but act fast. This offer includes the following: The Lord of the...

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Warner Bros Acquires Turbine

I failed to post this announcement in a timely manner, my apologies. For those not sure who or what Turbine is and represents, they are the makers of Asheron’s Call, one of the first MMORPGs. For that reason alone, they have my undying love. Later they moved on and created Asheron’s Call 2, which was a disaster. Truth to...

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Lord Of The Rings Online: What Went Wrong?

Oct 23, 09 Lord Of The Rings Online: What Went Wrong?

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Lord of the Rings: the books, movies and now the MMORPG.  This game was released on 2007 and was received with positive reviews.  It is my understanding (maybe I am wrong) that Turbine used a heavy modified Asheron’s Call 2 engine, like they did with Dungeons & Dragons Online.  I even posted a comparision video between...

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