Guild Wars 2 Is Almost Here: Meet The Thief

Aug 22, 12 Guild Wars 2 Is Almost Here: Meet The Thief

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The wait is almost over. Guild Wars 2 will be making its mark this month (August) in this digital world filled with countless MMORPGs. GW2 is taking a radical direction while focusing on the PvP that we all love. For those living under a rock, here’s some information. Guild Wars 2 will feature five races and eight professions....

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New Guild Wars 2 GamePlay Trailer: How Much Of The Hype Will Be Real?

This new trailer features the Dev team talking about Guild Wars 2. All the things they are all saying are not really new. So many people have used those terms before. With that being said, I am excited.  The game finally will break out of that instanced bubble and set itself in a persistent world (which will probably have instances...

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New Guild Wars 2 Trailer

The folks over at Massively have released the newest Guild Wars 2 trailer.  So far, the game looks impressive.  For some reason I can’t stop thinking about Chronicles of Narnia after watching it.  Be sure to visit (and bookmark) the official Guild Wars 2 webpage if you are following this game. Fans of Felicia Day will have...

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Guild Wars 2: PvP To Incorporate RTS Elements

Oct 09, 09 Guild Wars 2: PvP To Incorporate RTS Elements

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The first Guild Wars could not be called a “true MMO” due to it’s single player capacities and lack of real open world but it was a fun online game nonetheless.  The sequel is rapidly gaining hype and the folks at GuildWars2Guru have translated an interview from a foreign magazine.  For starters, Guild Wars 2...

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