DreamWorld: New Render Engine For Age of Conan

Mar 23, 11 DreamWorld: New Render Engine For Age of Conan

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I have said it before and I will say it again: Age of Conan is a great game. It’s very sad that this is not the first time Funcom butchers the launch of a game. History shows that this studio likes to fail at launches only to come back and fix their games in a glorious way. Anarchy Online, one of the best Science Fiction games...

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Age of Conan Releases New Rise Of The Godslayer Trailers

Once again Age of Conan appears on Kalibre Online. Even though I stopped playing AoC, sometimes I feel the need to make its own Featured Blog. I think there are around 9 posts without counting this one. Anyway, back to topic. The new expansion is set to release on May 11, 2010. I love the trailer, AoC is the best looking MMO out...

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